Our company

Bali Food Store is more than just another online groceries shop. We connect Bali residents with local farmers and producers to bring fresh and unique products right to their doors.


We are located in Denpasar, and our business is run by a team of local and expat workers to assure the understanding of both local and foreing sides.


Reliable, Daily Deliveries, means that 7days of the week our service is ON for our clients, that the quality of our products is guaranteed and that the delivery process is controlled and supervised by us, and done with our own drivers.


We understand that your time is valuable, that goals take effort and that you care about the quality of the foods you eat. We are people just like you, and we care about our health too, we do our best to select the best and more reliable suppliers to offer the best options available in Bali.


And we want to make it simple and easy for you, just like our name “Bali Food Store” straight and direct to the point.


Our team

Delivery guy

Commited to do a Good Job

We do not use third party drivers. To assure the quality of your items, we use a temperature controlled box and trusted employed drivers. People who has been working with us in since years and who take their job as a career, not as a side gig.


Jane Cruz

Bali Food Store are just as amazing as they say they are...

Mark Johnson

On time, good quality and fair price. Just needed a few minutes to shop though the App...


Vanessa Smith

One of the best options in Bali to shop my Vegan and Organic foods...