Our delivery process is made, controlled and supervised by us until it gets to your door.

All deliveries are dispatched the day after receipt of the order and are delivered by our own drivers. Orders received on Saturdays are delivered next working day.

The reason we do not offer same day delivery is because of the way our associated local farmers work. To ensure the freshness of the produce, it is harvested between 3-5am every morning, and delivered to our store straight away. We do not keep fruits and vegetables in refrigerators, instead we deliver them right to you, just a few hours after the harvest.

We do not use third party drivers. To assure the quality of your items, we use a temperature controlled box and trusted employed drivers. People who has been working with us in since years and who take their job as a career, not as a side gig.

Following our non plastic policy we pack all orders using compost able products such as banana leaves, and natural raffia thread. Instead of carton boxes we use local besek baskets, made out of rattan or bamboo fibers.

Our delivery fees include handling and packing too. Except for some products where a small extra fee is added.

The areas in Bali where our deliveries are available can be seen in the map below. The fees vary from one are to another and are calculated according to the price and weight of your order. If you have doubts about if your place is included in one are or not, please contact us.

Map of South Bali and Ubud

If you would like to receive our products in your place and it is out of our delivery areas, please send us an email to discuss the terms.