An easy, portable and convenient way to refresh our bodies, that also nourish, hydrate and clean.

All our drinks are produced in small batches, mostly home made and using fresh and natural ingredients. Order today and let us freshly prepare it tomorrow morning.


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Almond Milk (250ml)

Price Rp30,000

Almond Milk (delivered in glass bottle) 250 ml

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  • Original (plain) Rp30,000 Sold out
  • Original Sweetened Rp30,000 Sold out
  • Vanilla Rp30,000 Sold out
  • Kurma (dates) Rp30,000 Sold out
  • Chocolate Rp30,000 Sold out
  • Chia Seeds Rp30,000 Sold out
  • Moringa Rp30,000 Sold out
  • Matcha Rp30,000 Sold out
  • On sale!

Fresh Juice Mixed (500ml)

Price Rp50,000

Mixed Fresh Juice 500 ml

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  • Simple Relaxation Rp65,000 Sold out
  • Minty Fresh Rp65,000 Sold out
  • Beauty Bliss Rp65,000 Sold out
  • Hot Shot Rp65,000 Sold out
  • Leafy Day Rp65,000 Sold out
  • Forever Summer Rp50,000 Sold out
  • Sun Kiss Rp65,000 Sold out

Kombucha (275ml)

Price Rp42,000

Locally brewed kombucha 250 ml

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  • Original Rp42,000 Sold out
  • Ginger Rp42,000
  • Orange Rp42,000 Sold out
  • Turmeric Rp42,000
  • Guava Rp42,000
  • AppleBeet Rp42,000 Sold out

Fresh Juice Mixed (250ml)

Price Rp45,000

Mixed Fresh Juice 250 ml

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  • Heart Love Rp45,000 Sold out
  • Immune Defence Rp45,000 Sold out
  • Clean Me Rp45,000 Sold out

Almond Milk

Price Rp90,000

Almond Milk

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  • Refill Rp90,000
  • Refill + Bottle Rp100,000 Sold out

Cashew Milk

Price Rp80,000

Cashew Milk 1 ltr

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  • Refill Rp80,000
  • Refill + Bottle Rp90,000

Coco Water

Price Rp36,000

Kara Coco Water 1 ltr