High Carb

Our selection of products with a high healthy carbohydrates rate, for those looking to fill their bodies with natural energy to perform at their best.

High Carb

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Cassava Root

Price Rp8,000

Local Vegetables

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  • 500 gr Rp8,000
  • 1 kg Rp12,000

Honey Hevea

Price Rp90,000

Locally produced Honey 330 ml


Alfajor (3pcs)

Price Rp75,000

Locally made Alfajor 3 pcs x 70 gr

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  • Chocolate Rp75,000
  • Maicena Rp75,000
  • White Choco Rp75,000
  • Choco Mousse Rp75,000
  • Matcha Rp75,000