Coffee, Tea & Chocolate

Looking for the best selection of coffees and teas, and to boost your mood with selected chocolate options?
We got your pantry filled: Indonesian Arabica blends, Imported Arabica blends, Indonesian tea bleands and Indonesian origin chocolate...

Coffee, Tea & Chocolate

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Coffee Arabica Beans (200 gr)

Price Rp40,000

Local Arabica Coffee Beans, 200 gr

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  • Classic Rp40,000
  • Sapphire Rp85,000
  • Ruby Rp70,000
  • Diamond Rp105,000

Coffee Arabica Ground (200 gr)

Price Rp40,000

Local Arabica Coffee Ground, 200 gr

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  • Sapphire Rp85,000 Sold out
  • Ruby Rp70,000 Sold out
  • Diamond Rp105,000 Sold out
  • Classic Rp40,000 Sold out

Coffee Da Vinci

Price Rp90,000

Locally roasted Ground Coffee 250 gr

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  • Espresso World Rp90,000 Sold out
  • Espression Forte Rp90,000 Sold out
  • Bali Kintamani Rp90,000 Sold out

Chocolate Bar

Price Rp48,000

Premium Quality Local Chocolate 100 gr

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  • Dark Choco Nougat & Salt Rp48,000
  • Dark Choco & Orange Skin Rp48,000
  • Dark Chocolate Plain Rp48,000
  • Milk Choco & Crispy Rice Rp48,000
  • Milk Choco & Hazelnut Rp48,000
  • Milk Choco Nougat & Salt Rp48,000
  • Milk Chocolate Plain Rp48,000

Cacao Nibs

Price Rp68,000

Raw Cacao Nibs 250 gram