Yogurt & Kefir

Thick, rich and delicious. Homemade and made out of Pasteurized Indonesian milk, we’ve got you covered. And, like all Bali Food Store products, they are made without the use of external chemicals, artificial flavors or GMOs. And are simply delicious!

Yogurt & Kefir

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Yogurt Cream (3 pcs)

Price Rp30,000

Locally made Cream Yogurt 100 gr

Select variant
  • Plain Rp30,000
  • Mango Rp30,000
  • Strawberry Rp30,000
  • Blackberry Rp30,000
  • Passion Fruit Rp30,000
  • Pineapple Rp30,000

Yogurt Cream 1 ltr

Price Rp65,000

Locally made Cream Yogurt 1 ltr

Select variant
  • Mango Rp65,000
  • Strawberry Rp65,000
  • Blackberry Rp65,000
  • Passion Fruit Rp65,000
  • Plain Rp65,000