List of products by brand Bali Dairy

At Bali Dairy, located in beautiful tropical Island of Bali, Indonesia our premium yogurts and cheeses are made using milk from happy cows in Batu, Java.

Our products are as natural as possible without any preservatives or additives.

For our delicious healthy yoghurt we only use best ingredients from Bali and java, all fruit jams we do our self to ensure the high quality you deserve and request.

Our handmade Cheeses and yoghurt follow highest possible standards and Bali Dairy work closely together with German cheese and yoghurt produces to ensure high quality.

Choosing our product guarantees you tasty, healthy and good dairy products, this we guarantee.

Bali Dairy is located in Jimbaran, but has its roots in the Vulcanic mountains for Munduk. Founded 2012 the owner produce with pride and passion the best possible dairy products. Not driven by profit maximization than by love for food, we creating dairy dreams which in this kind not available in Indonesia maybe in South East Asia.

At Bali Dairy we produce a wide variety of milk products.

The range start from soft cheeses, semisoft and hard cheeses, over different yogurt types and end up with sour crème, spreadable products and drinks out of dairy.

All product have in common natural ingredients, manufactural work and high end quality. So if you looking for something special and exclusive in dairy for you and your beloved ones, here you will find. If the product you looking for is not with us..ask us, we happy to develop for you.

Yogurt Cream 1 ltr

Price Rp65,000

Locally made Cream Yogurt 1 ltr

Select variant
  • Mango Rp65,000
  • Strawberry Rp65,000
  • Blackberry Rp65,000
  • Passion Fruit Rp65,000
  • Plain Rp65,000

Yogurt Cream (3 pcs)

Price Rp30,000

Locally made Cream Yogurt 100 gr

Select variant
  • Plain Rp30,000
  • Mango Rp30,000
  • Strawberry Rp30,000
  • Blackberry Rp30,000
  • Passion Fruit Rp30,000
  • Pineapple Rp30,000

Sour Creme

Price Rp49,000

Locally made sour cream 200 gr

Milk Pasteurized (1 liter)

Price Rp27,000

Local Pasteurized Fresh Cow Milk Available Every Monday and Thursday

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  • Refill Rp27,000
  • Refill + Bottle Rp52,000